Building Authority: How To Build Authority In The Coaching and Consulting Business


I want to talk about becoming an authority in your field.


If you’re a coach or consultant,  you want to be an authority in your field.   Why?  So you can become the “go-to” person for certain types of advice or instruction or coaching.

It doesn’t matter if you’re teaching someone how to become a photographer….

… or a fisherman…

….or a better business person or entrepreneur…

… managing a better household..

… or if you’re more of a generalist and help people gain clarity around decision making.

Whatever the solution is that you’re providing for your clients….you want to be an authority.

And so I want to talk to you about what that means.

It’ critical but yet so many people don’t do the thing I’m going to talk about today.

So here’s why it’s so important.

People Need To Know That You Know

People have to know that you understand them and their challenges. They want to know that you understand the symptoms of the issue or the problem.  Even before they need to know you have the solution,  they have to know you understand the symptoms first and foremost.

Why?  Because once they can say to themselves…

“Hey, this person knows exactly what I’m going through.”

….they can open themselves up to hearing the solution that you have!

I see ton of coaches and consultants selling programs just jump right to telling people about their solution without creating that connection that comes with understanding what the potential client is going through.

So, number one, we have to be in authority because your potential clients want to know you understand them…..and what they’re going through – no matter how big or small.

The Need to Know You Have A Solution

Once your potential client knows you understand their symptoms, they need to know you have a solution.

Now their inner-dialogue is open to transforming to…

“Okay, this person gets me, they must have a recommendation, or a fix?”

See, now your potential clients knows that you “get it” ….and believe that you have a solution.


The Need to Know Your Solution Works for Them

Now that the potential client knows you have a solution to their challenge,  they need to know you solution works for them. 

By positioning yourself as an authority in your area of expertise, you can now share stories of how  YOU made the transition or change.   You can also share success stories of others who have done the same.

It’s human nature for potential clients to think they are “different”….that they are the exception to your rule….

…that a solution will work for others….but not them. 

As an authority, you are in a unique position to handle that objection before it ever comes up.

How to Become an Authority in Your Area of Expertise

So how do you do it? How to position yourself this way?

By publishing valuable content. Period.

Think about this.  What is the root word of “Authority”?

It’s Author!

That’s how we build authority as a coach or consultant.  But don’t freak out…it doesn’t mean you have to write a book!

If you have a book, that’s great. It’s good marketing.  And that’s a good way to establish yourself as an authority…

… but by no means is writing a book a requirement to to grow your coaching business.

One of the mentors that I’ve had over the years has been a very, very successful business person.  In fact, he has been one of the top leadership and empowerment gurus around the globe…. and he has never written a book.

So you don’t need to write a book, but you have to create content.

To build authority as a coach or a consultant….you have to create content.

You have to show up for yourself and put yourself out there!

And we have to start by envisioning yourself as an author….as an authority.

You have to change this image of yourself from just being a coach, to being an authority in your field.

Find a platform that you feel most comfortable in…. and start putting content out there….just start.

It doesn’t matter if you have a blog like this one. If you have a website that you just post articles on, or if you start by  curating articles from other people.  Choose that vehicle and then choose a platform and start publishing.

If you’re not showing up for them, they’re not going to be able to find it, but they will find somebody else.

So that’s what I want to challenge you with today.

Doesn’t have to be big stuff.  It can be little stuff, just be consistent.

Get started today.

Do the Thing

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How to build authority in the coaching and consulting business