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Doing THIS Out of Order Can Cost You When Selling Coaching Services!

I want to talk to you about this one thing that if you do out of order, and could really be costing you a lot of sales for your coaching business.


Back when I first started selling coaching services, I would go to these networking events where I would meet people…. and they would ask me what it is that I did.


And as we talked, they had asked me about executive coaching and how it worked.  And instead of taking the opportunity to say what I really should’ve focused on, I started speaking about the first thing that came to mind… and it really costs me. 


I talked about all the features and logistics of the executive coaching program.


I started to talk about jumping on coaching calls


…and the on-boarding process

…and the great sessions…

…and the bundle options…

… and so on and so on…


I used to talk to them about all of these different features!


And I would slowly see their eyes  glaze over and they faded away!


….and who knows what they were thinking about at that point.


I knew that I had to refine this thing. 


And those of you who are in The Workroom mastermind group already know the very first thing we do is go over positioning statements….and how not to make the mistakes I used to make.


But even if you’re not in the workroom, this is what I want you to remember…


Talk about value first and then features later. 


Value first…features later.


If you do this backwards, you’re not going to make the connection between what they need and what you have. 


….t’s going to be irrelevant to them, and you’re going to get the glazed-over looks…


…. and nobody wants to glazed overlooks. Right? 


And so think of it this way. If you were to proclaim the following as a value statement:


I provide [this thing] for [these people] …


…you’re likely to get stuck in talking about features. 


So the next thing you should try is putting the following on the end of that statement: 


[So that they can…]


So it ends up like this:


I provide [this thing] for [these people] … So that they can [be, do, or have this]


That piece at the end is really what you’re selling. You’re not selling the upfront thing. 


You’re not selling that coaching calls.


You’re not selling the content.


You’re not selling those “things”.


For those of you who may be fitness coaches, for example,. You’re not selling workout sessions.


You’re not selling diet plans.


You’re not selling wellness.


Your selling the “so you can….”


If you get this backwards, you’re going to lose people.  If you speak to your value in the right order, you have a much better likelihood of converting that potential client into not only a paying client, but a fan. 


If you guys want to see how this works, you can just check out my FREE sales framework call The Reverse Ask.


I highly recommend you check that out because I walk you through the process of speaking into value before you ever talk about your features.


Because until we understand the needs of the client and the value we provide, the features mean nothing, right? 


The features mean nothing. So we got to do that first. If you do it out of order,  it’s going to cost you sales. 


I’d love to hear any comments or questions, and please share if you know others that may get value from this post!