How The "Favor Flaw" Created My Fear of Sales | Sales for Coaches

Sales for coaches can be a difficult subject.  That’s why I want to talk about selling your coaching program!  Specifically…. a flaw in the mindset of many coaches who have a fear of sales.
As, as a lot of you might know, my first sales gig was selling door to door,

I sold these fine dining cards down in Tampa, Florida…

….and believe me it’s much harder than selling my coaching program….

But I remember the first sale I ever made. They said yes. And I, I about fell over. I swear. 
They saw the look on my face of despair and just took pity on me. 
And that stuck with me for a long time because I knew I didn’t earn it.
I knew they just saw this look on my face, total, total despair. 
It was, it was a mess, but I know they saw the look on my face, and they must’ve known I was just in the middle of a nightmare. So they bought one. 
That stuck with me for awhile and years and years had gone by….
… I was talking to a friend and mentor of mine and I told him this story about the first time he ever sold anything. 
He said, “yeah, that’s one of the biggest flaws in sales.”  Like he knew exactly what I was talking about.
 And I was like,  Whoa!!!
I thought I was different…like the fear of sales was unique to me!
He explained to me that the problem was that I thought people were doing me a favor when, they buy the product.  And it was so true. It was so true at the time. I felt as though people were doing me a favor by buying…
… and I see this not all the time with coaches who are selling in their coaching business.
I think that’s one of the biggest flaws in mindset about selling. 
Think about that couple who purchased the fine dining card when they were in this restaurant…
… a restaurant that normally they couldn’t afford to visit on a random Tuesday.
When that couple was getting the check and found themselves happy that they were able to go out and spend some time together….
… and taking in a good meal
… and visiting a restaurant they probably wouldn’t have gone to otherwise.
Do you think they thinking about how they did me a favor?
Or is it more likely that they were they thinking about what a good time they were having? 
Probably the latter. Right?

The Effects of a Fear When it Comes to Sales for Coaches

We often we don’t see the value in what it is that that we’re providing, and this mindset trap could really have some bad effects….

… especially when it comes to marketing for coaches and consultants.   

When you think this way…
… when you’re kind of hoping someone will do you a favor and  buy your coaching services…
… some bad things can happen.


Fore example, it can causes a problem with your pricing,  As coaches and consultants, you price according to value….
…and if you underestimate your value, you underprice your services.


You’re also going to struggle probably with confidence in delivering your message, or your positioning.
If you don’t have confidence in the service that you’re providing, then the person you’re talking isn’t going to have confidence in your ability to deliver,


Finally, if you don’t have confidence in the value you bring to the table, you will enter a downward pattern of diminishing sales.  What does this mean?
It looks like this…
“I hope someone buys”
…nobody buys…so….
“I’m not good enough”


Your lack of confidence probably doesn’t have anything to do with the quality of your service.
You just haven’t crafted the messaging or clearly defined the value of your coaching program yet. 
 And that’s something that you really need to do because at the end of the day, if you don’t have confidence in your product, you’re not going to have a bottom line to speak of. 
So this is what I want you to remember when you “selling” something….
When you are engaging in sales, you’re not really selling a product….or anything else….
… you’re offering help to solve a problem that they have.
You’re offering, not selling…period.
Think about it this way…
… if someone’s hanging from a cliff, ready to fall…
… when you reach down with your hand, are you thinking, “Oh my God, I hope they do me a favor and grab my hand!”
No,…of course not….
… you’re saying, “here’s my hand. I can help you.”
You’re letting them know you  have a solution for a problem….
… that you can give them a hand. Right?
 And so it’s critical to think of it that way…. you’re offering….you’re not selling. 
 And lastly if you’re having trouble crafting your message (which is common when it comes to sales for coaches)…
…if you’re simply struggling with how to speak about the value of what you do and how you do it without rambling on and on…
Here’s a link that will take you to an awesome tool to guide you through the whole process.  EASY PEASY.
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